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Born in UK…

The English lifestyle is one with its own peculiarities and fun. Regardless of this, variety remains the spice of life. There are numerous other places an English person can have a good time that he can write home about. One of such awesome places in none other than Thailand. Thailand gives you the chance to explore eastern culture and broaden your horizons.

Thailand has contributed a lot to my life, as much as it is where I met my present husband. He is also a British expat and we have had a fulfilling marriage over several years. He has also given me his full support in running this blog. He also helps in other ways, like taking pictures, doing research for me and so much more. I doubt this blog would be what it is today without his contribution.

…Living in Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful place waiting to be enjoyed by you. The country is a tropical one with a constitutional monarchy. Thais respect their monarchs a lot and would not take any insult to the king or the royal family.

Thailand is a traveler’s paradise. You can take a hike up the hills if you feel up to it; you could also enjoy your fill from the numerous Thai restaurants. If you really crave western food, then you are free to peruse the numerous western restaurants in Thailand.

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