The appeal of Thailand as one of the best countries to live is based on the fact that it pulls strongly on people who are health conscious, adrenaline surge seekers, exotic-classic arts connoisseurs, travel enthusiasts, and those smart with money. Weigh these, they affirm that Thailand is one of the best countries to settle down. In fact, the data charts well in the latest 2017 census by the International Living.

Cum4K - Big Thing in Thailand

Cum4K – Big Thing in Thailand

Cum4k – The Real Reason

Do you know what is the real reason for happiness of Thai people? They surely have social problems in their country, but they get the joy from small things – take Cum4K for example. This website launched just recently and it features genre of adult entertainment that’s been a taboo for a long time – it’s internal cumshots. Now guess which country is the biggest visitor of the series? Of course it’s Thailand. It looks like Ultra Definition quality and a controversial genre is keeping these people very happy!

Today, the Land of Smiles transforms into a gregarious place for people considering staying foot for good.  And why not?  Here are five things on the list

  • Are you money smart? – call it wise in planning what to do with your finances. You are frugal. Thailand is the place for you. To live in Thailand is as cheap as 500$ to 600$ a month rent for a 3 bedroom condo unit. The luxury and security of the Thai Villas that awards you a sense of exclusivity and class are likewise possible.  Gated villas as separate properties assure your safety. Drop the ownership, you can rent a 255 $ condo or and 700 $ for outlying neighborhoods. Housing units can offer shared occupancies that will even give you more savings with your living costs.
  • Are you the adrenaline rush seeker? – if you are daring, bold and a little bit nervy to take the risks in the extreme sports- zip lining, rappelling, motor cross biking will top your list. Rappelling here is a nerve thrill catcher because one cliff you can try is down the center of a multi-tier waterfall. If deep water soloing is your play, you can have the 50 feet below the ocean as your safety net. It is in case something happens while you climb the rocks side of a cliff without a rope. Add the mountain trail off-roading through rivers, forests and deep into the countryside. Youth thrill will surge to the maximum.
  • Are you worried about healthcare? – Thailand grants anyone the cheapest healthcare payments. Seeing a general practitioner can fetch 15-20 dollars (health insurance notwithstanding). Through its medical tourism, many flocks to Thailand for its state of the arts medical disciplines and procedures. List this plus factor- Thailand’s medical practice, professionalism, and record of success are validated by the Joint Commission International, a global group that presents the seal of approval for healthcare facilities worldwide. Likewise, the World Health Organization stamps its healthcare facilities as world class.
  • Are you the exotic ancient art connoisseur – shrines and museums are the classic attractions to Thailand. The shrines often have Buddha’s made of pure gold that will exclusively transform you to wonder. Anyone in the study of ancient arts will likewise delve into the intricacy of their design and architecture.
  • Are you the travel buff? – You are a peripatetic (one who likes to walk or travel a lot).Thailand fits you. Inter-continental hopping is very probable because of its proximity to other Asian countries and the continent of Australia and India. By calculation, 1400.00$ can have you practically tour most of Thailand. Compare that to an Asian travel deal sold from booking sites, it is sure a steal.

With all these attributes, Thailand indeed is one of the best countries to live in.