The English lifestyle is one with its own peculiarities and fun. Regardless of this, variety remains the spice of life. There are numerous other places an English person can have a good time that he can write home about. One of such awesome places in none other than Thailand. Thailand gives you the chance to explore eastern culture and broaden your horizons.

Thailand is a wonderful place to live. Staying for a week or staying for ten years would leave you with a delightful tinge of nostalgia. In this post, I will be exploring the life of an English person living among the Thai. This way, you will easily understand what makes Thailand such an attractive destination.

Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand is a very pleasant experience. As an English person, you can fullyappreciate the low cost of living associated with this wonderful country. Products and services are quite cheap here compared to the UK.

If you love the bubble of city life, you can decide to either live in the big cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. On the other hand, if you prefer a simpler way of life, there are a lot of places in Thailand that you would easily fit into.

There are also some peculiar aspects of Thai culture that happen to be very interesting. For instance, the Thai take their monarchy very seriously. So, as an English person living among the Thai, take care not to cast aspersions on the King.

Working in Thailand

As an English person living among the Thai, there are quite a handful of jobs you can engage in to earn a living. You can easily become an English teacher; although you might not get the pay you would get in England, it would still be enough for you to get by. You can also decide to work at various multinationals in the country. This would be particularly useful if you have good managerial skills.

If you want to enjoy the mobility and aura of the Thai lifestyle, you can become a freelancer. With freelancing, you would be able to move around the country and would still earn an awesome living. Freelancing can easily earn you something in the neighborhood of $1600 per month. This is more than enough, since you can easily live among the Thai with just $625 per month.

The Health Care             

As an English person living among the Thai, you are likely to get good health care. The health care system in Thailand is quite good, especially in private hospitals. It is certainly as good as the health care system in the west and the icing on the cake is that it is quite cheap by comparison. For instance, you can get a physical, where all your vital organs would be checked, for about $350. In the west, this would cost a small fortune.

Taking Care of Family

Taking care of children and family as an English person living among the Thai is quite an interesting experience. If you are a retiree, you might not need to worry about children, presuming they’re grown up and wouldn’t be tagging along. If you still have kids, Thailand would be an interesting place to raise them, giving them the opportunity to be exposed to a different culture.

You can always shuttle between Thailand and the UK to give your children the opportunity to have a glimpse of both cultures.

Also, a lot depends on how understanding your partner is. If they have an open mind, there are a lot of things that Thailand has to offer her. However, it is best if you and your partner agree on the move to Thailand. This way, there would be the absence of unnecessary friction in the family.

Taking care of family here in Thailand is straightforward for an English person living among the Thai. Due to the low cost of living, you can always conveniently provide for them. Your family is sure to enjoy the stay in Thailand if they put their mind to it. The serenity and coolness of the environment is one that is always inspiring.