Thailand is a great place to live in. The people are awesome, the weather is nice and you get to live somewhere far away from home. The experience of living such a distance from your initial corner of the world is a worthwhile experience in and of itself.

However, before you are able to live in Thailand, you need to survive from day to day. This is why you need to get yourself a career, fast. Thailand laws favor the employment of Thai citizens before the consideration of expats. Regardless, you can get a good job, if you know where to look.

English Teacher

Teach english in schools

One of the easiest jobs to get in Thailand is the work of an English teacher. The pay for this work is around 30k to 35k baht. You would be able to easily get this job since there is a demand for English speakers in school. The minimum requirement for this role is a college degree. It could be in any field of study, but a B.Ed. would give you the required edge.


There are a lot of multinationals with branches located in Thailand. You can approach any of these multinationals for a job. They always have openings for foreigners and so, you would be able to easily get a good job. If you presently work for a multinational, you can do research to find out if it has an office in Thailand. If it does, you can affect a transfer. The good thing is that you would still get the pay you got back home in the UK. With the low cost of living in Thailand, this is definitely a win-win situation for you.

Freelance Writer

“With the low cost of living in Thailand, you would be able to have much more fun.”

You can be a freelance writer in Thailand and you would still make a good living. The advantage of freelance writing is that it is remote. If you’re freelancing back home in the UK, you can move to Thailand and still earn the same. With the low cost of living in Thailand, you would be able to have much more fun. You can get jobs through sites like Upwork, or you can post a gig on Fiverr.

Software Developer/Programmer

If you have good computer programming skills, then you can make it big in Thailand. There are a lot of local companies looking for computer experts and programmers. This job attracts earnings of around 100k baht; although this is not equal to what you might get back at home, it is quite high by Thai standards. With the reduced cost of living in Thailand, these earnings are more than enough to make a living.

Own and Run a Small Business

You can decide to set up a small business in Thailand if you do not want to go job hunting. There are a lot of restaurants and bars owned by British citizens in Thailand. However, ensure you have the required skills to run such a business.

One thing you should know is that before you can work in Thailand, is that you need to have a work permit. This is absolutely essential and would save you a lot of stress in the long run.